Monday, August 23, 2010

Bohemian Review - Being Brave/Setting the Trend

What do you do if you decide to go the self-publishing route? Well, like so many other e-authors and authors in general you get out and start marketing/network and building your 'platform.' That's why when I saw the note on one of my young adult loops about the Bohemian Reviewer I was totally intrigued. Why, you might ask? Because it made me realize how totally basis the publishing industry is to authors. If you go the self-publishing route there are many book review sites on the web that will not even take the time to read your book because self-pub, like e-pub, is still in many cases viewed as 'not really a book.'

Over the course of the past year or so I've worked hard at my query letter to sell two of my YA books...but I'll be the first to tell you that I totally suck at synopsis. I say let the book sell itself. Take the time to read the first chapter and then if it sucks well pass on it. But guess what, writing is subjective. What gets me are the walls placed in front of authors trying to get their work out to the public.

The pub business has changed so much in the last few years even my head spins. One thing I can tell you is that after having an agent, and then firing said agent, getting e-pubed in another genre and discovering I could probably/no I know I could, market my book better to booksellers than they certainly did, that going self-pub - really what have I got to lose. Maybe it will require more marketing time, but I know lots of print authors these days that have to peddle their stuff also. All I'm saying is that self-pub shouldn't get trashed and review sites should be open to reading all works, whether they come from a big publishing house, e-pub or self-pub. If Barnes & Nobles will hold self-pub books than come one - get with the program.

Hats off to Bohemian Review for setting a new trend, breaking new grounds and going for it. Check them out - I totally love their positive attitude.

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