Poem - Weekly Paranormal Reflections

Hi everyone - I have found it very hard to write this past week and have resorted to turning off the TV/radio. That is a sad. However, the craziness of this world how Hollywood life seems to take over from the real events of the day really bothered me - hence my poem. Now, this week edits on Off Leash.


By Renee Pace

Gaia shuddered and Poseidon’s anger awoke

tsunami waves reclaimed the land as Gaia struggled to unearth her form

in the ever going battle of might.

Thousands of souls fled to the heavens

Survival – a word of hope.

Libya’s mad man said,

“Seize this diversion reclaim the land.”

Eastern skies broke out in tears,

overflowing winter’s naked ground.

Hollywood’s crazy Charlie Sheen slotted to fifth.

The gods laughed at human malleability.

Surrounded by Poseidon’s love, a little nation called Haiti screamed!

Forgotten...no one heard them.

Send the mad man in…send the mad man in…

We have been erased from the consciousness.

Steel birds dropped Libya freedom loads

Hundreds died with the word…freedom

In Haiti…a child trudged on…survival

Poseidon grasped Gaia,

holding her tight, whispering words—right and might.

Gaia begged for free will.

Poseidon asked, “At what cost?”

Like the scared Haitian child with silent tears,

Gaia acknowledged defeat.