Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Recovering and in pain but functioning

Today I'm home recovering from ankle surgery which means I'm in a cast, can't really move and having to rely on my hubby and children to take care of me. I've discovered I'm not the best patient. And, this got me thinking about the ya books I've been writing. Off Leash is really all about a boy in pain, yes today that's me. I'm not taking the meds as they make me feel sick but while coping with the throbbing in my leg, I'm functioning. Off Limits which is book two in the nitty gritty series is about two girls in pain and Off Stroke which I've mapped out is once again POV of a boy in pain and for the first time I'm adding a girl POV.

I'm very excited about starting Off Stroke which will be my Nano challenge for the month of November - that's right folks I'll be writing 50,000 words in one month. The base for the third book is my own paddling club, Maskwa Aquatic Club, which I love being the club manager off. And just like my club in which we launched our first inner-city program to get youth who might never have the opportunity to be in a dragon boat or war canoe, my book Off Stroke starts with a young boy entering into an after school program in which he's forced to learn how to kayak. And yes he hates it at first, especially since he's black and everyone at the club is white but he quickly discovers it doesn't matter what color your skin is everyone has scars, some deeper than you think.

So, today I got my print proof for Off Leash and love it. Off to launch it on Amazon so it will be available in print. This makes my weeks ahead - 8 of them when I can't move around - look a lot better.

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