Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cry Me A leg of Tears

So we're into day three of post-recovery and hubby goes to library and brings me home Punkzilla by Adam Rapp, Just Another Hero by Sharon Draper and Broken by Alyxandra Harvey-Fitzhenry. I start to cry and he's all concerned but when I finally tell him why he just laughs. Ugh, he doesn't get it.

This is my week of hell. Thirty minutes before my Monday surgery my period shows up bright and bold just to make sure I'm not nervous and have more to think of than my upcoming ankle being ripped open. Picture me quietly trying to tell the person about to put me totally under that my period just started - picture a guy about 45 here and you see my dilemma. I then asked for the nurse and she lovingly told me she would take care of me - and she did, but seriously I had to tell them or else they'd wonder why I'm bleeding everywhere beside my ankle and since I have a bleeding problem well you get the picture. And today I woke up with a cold, so me and my pile of used Kleenex are growing. But the crying - that's because as I'm skimming Punkzilla I realized it's a Candlewick Press book. Let me just say here that between Flux and Candlewick Press books I'm in heaven and Candlewick really liked Off Leash but they went out of business. So now do you all get my crying!

How am I going to survive this? It hasn't even been a week and I'm totally bored of my living room and watching the birds (okay, I do like that but unless a freaky out of nova scotia bird shows up, I'm not getting excited anymore with the blue jays, hairy or downy woodpeckers or the white capped nut hatch) and all I can do is lug myself to the washroom, and while I like Jericho, I can't watch more than 3 episodes. I did manage to write 700 words and yes my girl in the story is recovering from an accident, had to put that in, as I can totally relate to my character now, but soooo bored. I keep thinking 11 more days and this first cast gets off and then 6 weeks in the other cast and somehow, just somehow I am going to take a damn bath (even if I have to wrap my frigging leg in a tarp).

So this is my rant of woes. All of this came about because of Punkzilla which I'm starting to read tonight.

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