Friday, April 27, 2012

How music as a teen meant so much

I'm on a guest blog tour and this blog was recently on  Fang-tastic Books

As a teen my music defined me. I listened to Tracy Chapman, Enya and Lady Blacksmith Mombasa. Songs filled with longing, freedom and tales of woe that echoed my teen life resonated with me. When I heard those songs I poured my feelings into poetry. I wrote and wrote lines of words that connected me to something. Always when I felt down I poured those feeling into poetry. Some teens turn to painting, writing music or playing music to let out their emotions. Teens, like adults, need outlets. I’m a writer. Without writing I’m sure I’d be locked up in the nut house. Like many adult I juggle lots—children, working and writing.
When I write the demons go away. When I write the pain fades and I become engrossed with the lives of my characters. Sometimes writing can be a chore but once I start I lose track of time. Yes, writing is work and writing a realistic contemporary teen book when you’re an adult can be daunting but isn’t that life—daunting. One day at time. That was my motto as a teen. I used that to get through the lonely days and then I plotted away out. I set a goal, much like I do with writing. As for finding that teen voice. I delved deep. Sure I used some modern slang to make it real but for most of it I tried to keep the first person POV of my two girls in Off Limits just like how two normal teens talk.
Today when I write I listen to CBC radio. Why? It’s like white noise in the background and I can tune into the news when I want to. My taste in music has changed but those Tracy Chapman songs still pull at me. What do you listen to when you read? If you’re a writer is there a specific music you listen to?

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