Monday, November 7, 2011

Off Leash - Top 100 list on Amazon

Talk about waking up to a great Monday morning. First I get an email that Off Leash is featured on Emlyn  Chand's Books You'll Adore Section - very exciting.

And, then I get an email that Off Leash just made Amazon's Top 100 list for Best Children Boys & Men's Books. To say I'm over the moon would be an understatement!

This totally makes up for my major nightmare last night and lack of sleep. This still means thought I've got to pound out 2,000 words this morning for the third book in my nitty gritty series, Off Stroke.


Suzanne Pitner said...

I'm so excited to hear your good news. I've been tweeting it and so have plenty of other friends. The book speaks for itself. I sure it will rise even higher!


Suzanne Pitner said...

So I meant to say, "I'm sure..."

Sorry about the typo!