Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Accomplishments: Defining them in the grand scheme

All 4 of my accomplishments on our Disney trip last year.
Notice teens grimacing.
 I got thinking this morning about what I could write as my blog this week and then it hit me how much I didn’t get accomplished. I must have said this out loud because hubby promptly told me to get real. He cited I can’t move but still seem to manage the household of four kids and himself (insert here he’s going out of his mind) and Off Leash made it on an Amazon Top 100 list on Monday.

Yes, topping that list thrilled me. Was it my accomplishment? You bet. I realize trying to keep up on all the marketing opportunities for Indie authors is hard work. But in the grand scheme of my life that ranking doesn’t top this list.

  • Getting accepted to Dalhousie University - leaving home and not going back
  • Securing my first job which enabled me to rent a room in a house -granting me independence
  • Getting accepted to Ryerson University's Journalism program - omg moment for me!
  • Finding true love – lots of little loves along the way but they don’t compare
  • Saving money for first starter house down payment – not dream home but it was mine
  • Giving birth to four healthy children – I have endometriosis so I had to have surgery before conceiving and viola
  • Trip to Europe with little money and one child in tow
  • Deciding to become a stay-at-home mom (really no choice with 4 couldn’t afford cost of daycare)
  • Sticking with hubby when I’d like to pull a Thelma and Louise because true love is powerful even when teen issues kill
  • Writing first book and securing an e-publisher
  • Securing a job I love now after 10 years out of the market
  • Writing more books after that first one
  • Writing Off Leash – facing my demons and starting something new!


 What do you consider your accomplishments? I’d love to hear them.






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