Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off Leash - Makes Quarter Finalists in 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel

Just found out my hard hitting YA story, Off Leash, made it to the quarter finalists in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel. So over the moon, jumping up and down!!!

I'm reading Jill MacLean's Home Truths novel and it's nice to read an author who's brave enough to write about YA real issues. I will confess it makes me feel better about Off Leash. I've had great people critiquing it but a few found it sad (that's what I was going for it part) but it's also a story of real teen survival, hard-hitting in your face survival but that's how the world works. What I also wanted to give to readers were two endings - Hollywood version and the Nitty Gritty side.

All I have to say, my Nitty Gritty series will get published- one way or another. I'm smiling hard with just making it to the quarter finalists in this contest.

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