Thursday, May 26, 2011

In celebration of my birthday - things I’ve learned so far in my 42 years

1. The first thing I read in the paper every morning is my horoscope and that’s it
2. The last thing I usually watch at night is CBC’s The National – seems I can handle the news at night but not in the morning
3. Baby unscented wet wipes work great as make-up removers and they cost a fraction of the price
4. Clear nail polish dapped on a run in your nylon will stop the run – why then can’t they coat nylons in the stuff?
5. Kraft Dinner is disgusting reheated the next day
6. There is nothing like peanut butter toast late at night as comfort food
7. When people ask how you are they don’t really want to know – really, just say, “Good,” even when you feel like crap
8. The older I get the more I want a dog – even though the thought of cleaning up after them makes me want to puke
9. Patience – I’m still learning it
10. I will never be as tech-savvy as my kids
11. I have no sense of direction and get lost when I’m in the mall
12. I love watching reruns of the Jerry Seinfeld show because for me they are mostly new
13. The older I get the more my roots show – not talking about hair – think heritage
14. After twelve years watching children shows with my kids I’m warped – I like Arthur, Franklin and Little Bear
15. There is nothing more annoying than going to butter your toast and opening the butter jar to find none in it! Seriously once empty how hard is it to refill?
16. I have to stop comparing what I have with what other people have – it just depresses me and in this past year I’ve learned the heart is where the home is, even if said home is in serious need of work
17. I get excited watching the birds eat from my feeder
18. I tell my best friend everything – more than I tell my hubby
19. I wish I had more time in the day to spend with my children, visit my grandmother who is 99, chat with my mom
20. I miss my youngest sister, who is very talented – I hope one day we can reconcile before it’s too late

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