Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pride's Run Review- YA Psychological Thriller of a Read

Cat Kalen’s debut YA book Pride’s Run is a wild rollercoaster, paranormal psychological thriller. The minute I started reading I fell in love with Pride—a strong, wounded teen wolf who craves freedom more than anything. But freedom at the cost of her fellow friends who are still trapped in a crazy man’s state-of-the-art military styled prison won’t cut it for her.

Pride might have been born as the runt of the litter in the puppy-mill prison but she’s anything but weak. She’s pride of heart and mind and her journey from the compound, through the wilds of a National park and her exploration of discovering “herself” were honest, heart-wrenching and powerful.

Kalen did an amazing job drawing me in to Pride’s wolfish nature and her attention to detail blew my mind. I don’t want to spoil things for other readers but I loved Logan, the alpha male teen who encourages her to embrace both the female side of her and her wolf side. I equally loved bad wolf teen, Stone. Reading Pride’s Run felt like watching a great paranormal teen movie and I want more. Can’t wait for the sequel, Pride Unleashed.

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