Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24 and Nano Panic Has Set In

Day 24 of Nano and yes the panic has set in. I’ve got 33,000 words written in my third nitty gritty novel, Off Stroke and I’ve hit the part where I’d like to rest and go back and edit. Yeah, you read that right, edit. But alas if I go back I won’t finish. And now I’m calling it that damn book, that’s what happens when the pressure is on.
I will confess I’m writing this book by the seat of my pants. I’m not a plotter but I usually know the beginning and ending of the books I’m writing. Off Stroke is going to surprise me. I can feel it building. My characters have done their intros and we’ve passed that first kiss scene, which is a first for me in my YA writing journey and we have moved into the nitty gritty reality of life. When I left my characters this morning Eje, my main guy, had just had the crap beaten out of him. Finally. I could sense it coming but wasn’t sure how or the circumstances to they why. But I had faith in my voice and the creative process. And now I’m excited.
The tension is building between Eje and Shannon, the lines are being drawn in the sand to speak but will their friendship survive all the obstacles I’m going to throw their way (insert evil laugh here). This is where the pace is going to pick up. Tomorrow another 2,000 words to plug out so I’ve got six more days to reach 50,000. Okay, yeah I’m totally worried, but this book will be done by the first week of December, and hopefully by then I’ll have nailed down the ending.
And the good news is my cast comes off Dec. 1st - so excited! I'm seriously hoping they'll put me either in a boot cast or let me attempt to walk on two legs. This will be my best Christmas present.

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