Saturday, November 5, 2011

Comparing Ankle Surgery to Launching an Indie Book

Two of my children have signed leg. They think it's cool - it's soooo not!

Well it's been 12 days that I've had my right ankle reconstructed and now it’s in a cast and 34 days since I launched my first Indie publication Off Leash. I thought I'd do a comparison for what I've learned going through both processes:

Ankle: Two years ago incident happened
Off Leash: Two years of edits

Ankle: Saw 3 doctors before finding right one
Off Leash: Sent mss to about 21 agents/5 publishers

Ankle: 1 year to convince specialist to do surgery
Off Leash: Jan 2011 enter Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest- 5 month ride

Ankle: Called 8 months in a row specialist secretary to
Off Leash: Send full mss to 3 agents who requested all - happy

Ankle: get on surgery list -1st step and feeling good
Off Leash: Get email from Westside Book – excited

Ankle: Get call  for surgery in June, due to work have to cancel
Off Leash: Get 2nd email Westside Books – they are closing -want to cry

Ankle: Get second surgery call for Oct – accept it.
Off Leash: Decided enough – going Indie route – start research

Ankle: July research cadaver surgery – refused to watch video on it.
Off Leash: Book cover artist, figure out ISBN stuff, join Indie groups

Ankle: Stressing: book other moms to get my kids to school
Off Leash: Oct 3 launch Off Leash on Smashwords/Amazon with different endings

Ankle: Crazy mom in overdrive: clean house/freeze suppers, etc
Off Leash: Send 7 queries off asking YA review sites if they’d like ARCs

Ankle: 1 wk before surgery almost talk myself out of it
Off Leash: Oct 18 want to puke: 2 copy idea not working so cancel both

Off Leash: Create Off Leash: Bonus Content and start relaunch – Oct 19
Ankle: Oct 24 – on my own walk into surgery and wait

Ankle: Surgeon says cancelling; hospital has no bed. I talk him into sending me home - it's a go!
Off Leash: Send out queries for author interviews/start marketing.

Ankle: Puke my guts out/get home/living on pain killers
Off Leash: Slow process, getting booked for interviews, feeling more positive

Ankle: Move from bed to sofa
Off Leash: Taking positive approach: nothing ventured, nothing gained

Ankle: Recovering for 12 days
Off Leash: 2 of my boys want to lend voices for audiobook. Excited.

Ankle: House is a mess, kids trying to be helpful, feeling lonely
Off Leash: Messy house & feeling not so lonely as Indie author

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